Developing and delivering award winning sustainable supplier development programmes for organisations wishing to develop best practice sustainable supply chains is at the core of what we do at epi consulting.

The supplier development programmes that we deliver are tailored to the specific requirements of the client to reflect the materially significant issues to their business, they typically include:

  • Recommendations on scope of sustainable supply chain development activity
  • Development of best practice benchmark scoring systems
  • Access to quantified best practice case study material – including bottom line benefit case studies, metrics and calculation methodologies
  • On site supplier benchmarking and development planning activity
  • Provision of supplier development support including e-learning material
  • In supplier project management and programme management support
  • Outsourced service to develop, implement and run supplier development programmes
  • Sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement and award submissions
  • Supplier sustainable product innovation modules (in areas such as LCA and Circular Economy)
  • Gain share mechanisms for sharing in the financial benefits associated with implementing sustainable supply chain best practice.

Our sustainable supply chain activity is multi award winning. A selection of recent third party awards is highlighted here.