We are an award winning international sustainability strategy and innovation consultancy; creating shared value throughout your global supply chains by delivering social and environmental best practice and maximising competitive advantage.

We help your business to transform your global supply chains and supplier- consumer relationships through the practical application of sustainability best practice delivering quantifiable bottom line benefits.

At epi we focus on redefining productivity within your supply chains. Our programmes get to the heart of the material issues that are present within your supply chain, turning risks into opportunities whereby your company benefits, your suppliers benefit, the environment benefits, and the societies in which your supply chains operate in benefit.

The opportunities that our programmes identify hold the key to unlocking the next wave of your business innovation and growth.

Our Values

  • Our work creates shared value though sustainable supply chains delivering measurable positive impacts for people, the planet and the financial bottom line
  • Best practice is at the heart of everything we do
  • Commercial impact – Our work is always aimed at delivering financial bottom line improvements by delivering social and environmental improvements; we strive to demonstrate this in a quantified way on all our assignments
  • Quantification – We are committed to demonstrating results through hard numbers
  • Innovation – We strive to work at the cutting edge and gain recognition for our clients as being industry leaders
  • Risk reduction and brand enhancement, true risk reduction comes through transformed thinking and lasting change