Sustainability Consultancy, Benchmarking & Training

Our team of sustainability consultants are specialists in benchmarking an organisations sustainability performance against internationally recognised standards & industry best practice and provide tailored consultancy, training and support programmes that build capacity and expertise in all areas of sustainability best practice implementation.

Sustainable Supply Chain Innovation

At epi Consulting we have developed and deployed an award winning supplier innovation process which supports suppliers to focus on how their products and services impact customer outcomes and enables full understanding and measurement of cost impacts throughout the product lifecycle.

Sustainability Driven Cost Reduction

At epi Consulting we specialise in the quantification and measurement of the financial benefits of implementing sustainability best practice and creating shared value business models. We enable suppliers to capitalise on the enormous potential of sustainability to drive supply chain cost reduction.

Sustainable Supplier Development Programmes

Development of award winning sustainable supplier development programmes delivering class leading sustainable supply chains is at the core of what we do. Our programmes are tailored to specific client requirements and reflect the materially significant issues relevant to their business.

Development of Sustainable Supply Chain Software Tools

In support of our tailored supplier sustainability development programmes or as standalone risk assessment and opportunity identification mechanisms we specialise in the development of software solutions to automate, scale and deliver reach for sustainable supply chain development activities.