In support of our supplier development programmes or as standalone risk assessment and opportunity identification mechanisms we specialise in the development of software solutions to automate, scale and deliver reach for sustainable supply chain development activities.

Our tools are smart tools that take user input, perform analysis, refer to our extensive databases of best practice and deliver bespoke recommendations, action plans and quantified improvement opportunities.

Some examples of our existing tools include:

  • Standalone sustainable supplier awareness and education platform which can be used to raise awareness of best practice in sustainability through the supply chain.
  • Data collection and results reporting tool for GeSI, which is used as an integral part of their supplier development process to automate the collection of data from suppliers, supplier performance improvement reporting and form the foundation for verification and individual supplier performance target setting and results verification
  • Life Cycle Assessment lite tool which enables suppliers to quickly identify the environmental impact of their products and components throughout their lifecycle.
  • Sustainability business case tool – this estimates typical costs and financial returns for suppliers in implementing sustainability best practice within their operations
  • Procurement sustainability savings tool – enables identification of suppliers and contracts with the highest savings potential (from the implementation of sustainability best practice) and estimates likely returns from implementing sustainability gain share cost reduction contract clauses.

To find out more about our digital solutions, please visit the epidigital website.