Recognised as the global best practice CSR supply chain development programme in 2016 by The Ethical Corporation

In 2015, suppliers participating in DT’s Supplier Development Programme (SDP) recorded annual cost savings of circa €2.67m. Typical performance improvements include productivity improvements of up to 15%, quality defect reduction of 5%, reductions in energy consumption of up to 20% and resource (raw material) consumption of 5% with a corresponding reduction in waste and environmental impact.

Significant CSR successes include working hour reduction to Chinese national law, significant reduction in health and safety incidents and worker turnover reduced to an annual average of 8%. NGO’s have also reported a significant improvement in the living conditions of workers of suppliers engaged in the SDP, especially in China. This paper, which was the basis of the award winning submission to The Ethical Corporation, details the background to the programme, how the programme operates, the results achieved and quotes from suppliers who have participated on their experiences of being involved in the programme.

"DT Award Winning Supplier Development Programme"