Regardless of what stage you are at on your journey to implementing and managing sustainability risks within your value chain epi Consultancy’s team of sustainability experts will be able to tailor consultancy, benchmarking and training support packages to your exact requirements.


Sustainable procurement

The cornerstone of effective sustainable supply chain management is a robust sustainable procurement management and governance process. Drawing upon epi’s extensive expertise we are able to offer the following services relating to sustainable procurement:

  • Benchmarking your sustainable procurement activities against international best practice such as the new ISO20400: 2017 standard
  • Developing bespoke training and consultancy packages to enable the effective identification and mitigation of supply chain risks and develop best practice performance in the following areas:
    • Organisational Governance
    • Fair Operating Practices such as anti-bribery and corruption
    • Carbon management and energy performance
    • Ethical labour standards
    • Human rights risk
    • Consumer sustainability issues


Circular Economy

Transitioning your existing linear economy business model to a circular economy model whereby restorative and regenerative processes are implemented relies upon system wide innovation. At epi Consulting we have significant experience in identifying circular economy opportunities throughout complex supply chains and implementing circular economy principles which redefine products and design out waste throughout the product lifecycle. Though our work project managing British Telecom’s award winning Better Future Supplier Forum and associated Game Changing Innovation challenge we have developed advanced processes for enabling circular economy management systems. By drawing upon this expertise we are able to benchmark your company’s performance against the new BS 8001:2017 Circular Economy standard and tailor training and consultancy support packages to implement the requirements.