At epi Consulting we specialise in the quantification and measurement of the financial benefits of the implementation sustainability best practice and creating shared value business models. Sustainability has enormous potential to drive supply chain cost reduction, especially in the following areas:

  • Raw material usage reduction
  • Waste reduction
  • Energy reduction
  • Productivity improvement through implementation of class leading worker facilities, social support and representation networks
  • Quality defect reduction- through reduction in worker turnover
  • Product and service design though supply chain engagement and innovation

Typically, our sustainable supply chain development programmes can reduce a suppliers operational costs by up to 5% and our innovation programmes can deliver product cost savings of up to 10%.

We also work with our clients to implement innovative gain share contract clauses and procurement processes which identify those contracts and suppliers with greatest savings potential and assist buyers to motivate suppliers to improve and share in the savings generated.

Our support in this service area includes; developing systems to quantify the financial benefit of sustainable supply chain activity, provision of case studies involving benefits estimation to engage suppliers and internal functions on the financial benefits of implementing sustainability best practice and development of sustainability contractual models whereby the value of the savings generated by implementation of best practice is shared throughout the supply chain.