Innovation is the lifeblood of products and services. Sustainability concepts such as Life Cycle Assessment and the implementation of Circular Economy business models provide a unique way of focusing on, analysing and quantifying value through the end-to-end product life cycle, from raw material extraction to end of life.

At epi Consulting we have developed and deployed an award winning supplier innovation process which supports suppliers to focus on how their products and services impact customer outcomes and enables full understanding and measurement of cost impacts throughout the product lifecycle.

Through the deployment of our innovation process, suppliers in areas as diverse as software, installation and maintenance, consumer products and infrastructure solutions have identified impressive product innovations with equally impressive results:

  • Consumer products devices innovation projects resulting in cost reductions of 20% and associated carbon footprint reductions of 32%
  • Installation and maintenance solutions resulting in capacity increases of 20%, reduction in customer service times of 20% and identification of multimillion £ inventory cost reductions
  • Innovative software solutions which enable quantification of the full lifecycle costs of replacing hardware with a cloud based solution including operational cost savings, capital savings and environmental impact benefits.